Prices (starting at)

Wedding cakes: starting at $4.25 per serving*

Fondant covered Wedding cakes: starting at $5.25 per serving*

Cupcakes: $2.50 each, (minimal purchase 12) (1 flavor per dozen)

$3.50 each, Vegan strawberry & carrot cupcakes

Cookies: $1.00 per cookie, (minimal purchase 12)

Cake pops: $1.50 each, (minimal purchase 12)

Pies: $15 - regular 9", $20 - deep dish

Shape Size Servings Price

Bundt 9 in up to 18 $30

Round 6 in up to 10 $30

Round 8 in up to 20 $50

Round 9 in up to 24 $60

Round 10 in up to 40 $100

Shape Size Servings Price

Sheet 9x13 in 20(1-layer) $50

Sheet 9x13 in 40(2-layer) $100

Sheet 11x15 in 30(1-layer) $75

Sheet 11x15 in 54(2-layer) $135

Sheet 12x18 in 55(1-layer) $140

Sheet 12x18 in 110(2-layer) $275

~Specialty cakes available upon request~

~Delivery prices start at $20, will increase based on distance.

~Pick up available: consumer assumes responsibility once picked up; Silver's Sweets is not liable for any damages.

**All orders require a deposit before completion of requested order**

**Orders must be placed 2 weeks in advance.

*The above prices are for standard orders, subject to increase based on specialized orders.